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Glassfibre Products Ltd.

Dear valued customers,
We have a new business location, again. This time our phone numbers have chanded as well!
Also, our production is on the way of recovery! See our (reduced) product list for details.
We are also able to provide materials.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Glassfibre Products Ltd. is a Caribbean company based in Barbados. It was incorporated in January 2000 by Colin and Janet Appleby, and production started in October of that year. We are now in the 22nd year of our business which has been built on basic principles. Without the customer we do not have a business, and we pride ourselves on our continual drive to maintain a high level of Customer Service. Our committment to quality is backed up by a dedicated work force with a wealth of experience.

We have our own range of in-house products, and custom-built moulds and mouldings from architectural drawings, sketches or patterns supplied by you the customer. We specialize in moulds for concrete pouring such as kerb stones, window sills, pedestals, paving slabs, wall cappings, quoins, shutters, garden accessories and so on.

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“Expect the Best!”

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